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Certified_Wellcoach_Logo_-_Web_Res_-_med_-_clear_box_faIn 2013, Felicia Ryan completed the Wellness Coach Core training program and was certified through Wellcoaches Corp. which is leading the way in establishing health and wellness coaches as game-changing professionals in healthcare, corporate and consumer wellness. Wellcoaches Corp. combines innovative, science-based coaching competencies to mobilize the best coaches who are making significant dents in some of the toughest challenges of our times: the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, chronic stress, distracted minds, and ever-rising healthcare costs. She is recertified (2017) and every 3 years by completing continuing education and active coaching hours.

Martha Beck Life CoachIn 2007, Felicia was trained personally by Dr. Martha Beck, (columnist in O – Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, author, renowned Life Coach and speaker) and completed a certification program through Martha Beck’s Group which included intensive on site training in Arizona as well as 20 hours of remote phone classes and over 100 hours of service coaching.


icflogoSince 2008, she has been a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Felicia adheres to the standards of professional practice set forth by the largest non-profit, professional association of worldwide personal and business coaches. ICF’s focus is to preserve the integrity of coaching round the globe.

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“Sticks and Stone”

“Sticks” monotype by Maura Koutoujian (credit Marketa Sivek Gallery, Chicago)


Today something broke open

I could feel it bubbling to the surface like a scuba diver’s air bubbles

Buoyant, purposeful, unrelenting, and clear

“You are so strong, silent, and calm on the outside”

“She’s like a rock”

Those have been left behind on a beach for someone else to discover and save in a jar

I always thought change would be a foreign invader conquering the weak

But it’s an old flame

A steady and consistent light that glimmers in the fog

It came from such a simple element many eons ago

Strength and resilience passed down over generations through DNA

Survivors, seekers, entrepreneurs, artists, ship captains, warriors

Once a small voice; it was just a faint whisper in my ear

Sometimes I thought I had only imagined it

The sound became clearer and carried further by wind and time

As it increased in volume I could start to feel it reverberate in my chest

Until it was so loud that now it’s a ROAR

I wore so many hats: 1st mate, passenger, engineer, radio controller, helm, and captain

“All me” says my ego

In truth, lot of hands helped me pass the buckets when bailing out

I finally realized that you can’t stop water but you can float

Allowing isn’t giving up as much as quiet persistence without clenched fists

I allowed nature to transmute the landscape it touched; instead of seeing it as a force to be tamed or managed

It became my creative partner

Something once so heavy is now smooth and light

It’s a sea and I can’t call it back

Nor do I want to

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