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HIRES FR NLH MBI-3416Things I have learned thus far:

*Life can feel hard sometimes (chocolate can sometimes help)

*It SUCKS to feel alone, isolated, stuck or confused (that is when I watch videos of baby goats dancing around in sweaters) Baby Goats — SQUEE

*Everyone has fears and reservations. They just don’t always talk about them especially on social media

*Self loathing and beating yourself up is draining and NOT motivating for change

*Asking for help takes courage and is not a sign of weakness

*Fart Jokes are always funny (we can argue the merits of The Stooges another time)

More than ten years ago, I was at my breaking point. Consumed by work, obsessed with food and depressed by my weight, I had an all-or-nothing attitude that kept me locked in a no-win struggle. A highly motivated and intelligent person, I felt like a BIG/FAT/FAILURE. I was plagued by shame. Everything seemed out of my control. I had tried so many times and ways to lose weight and gain control over my life.I understood that changes needed to be made. But how? I didn’t know where to start.

I decided to seek professional help. I was finally able to begin to make significant lifestyle changes and address my troubled relationship with food and my own body. It was a slow process but ultimately a rewarding one. After group and individual counseling to help me start to heal childhood trauma and abuse,  I elected to have gastric bypass surgery in 2007. It was the best tool I chose to help me with my goal of weight loss. While recovering from surgery, I read the “Joy Diet” by Dr. Martha Beck (author, speaker, columnist in O Magazine, and Oprah’s Life coach) – and it changed my life. The world of Life Coaching opened me up in ways that I found more fulfilling than anything else I had ever done. Life Coaching was the intersection of my own personal growth and my mission to be of service to the world.

I have lost half my body weight and one sad replica of me, switched careers, leaving marketing for a career in health & wellness. So many years later, I am still maintaining my weight loss and finally live in a fully connected space in my life. How did I get here?

Every day, I am reminded that my work continues. I try to recognize and address destructive emotional patterns, behaviors, and mental thought processes that could continue my dysfunctional relationship with food and self-care. I have been able to establish healthy routines that support me and ultimately adopted a new active lifestyle. I speak up for myself at work. I don’t hind my opinions or my talents. My strategies are not unique and can be learned and customized for anyone.

In the Fall of 2012, I tackled (with the help of a great Wellness Coach) my smoking. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I miss smoking everyday even more than my unhealthy food. It’s 2017 and I am still smoke free and really proud to add this to my list of accomplishments.

Everyone has the capacity for self-care and fulfillment in their lives. What does living fully mean to you? Do you want a new career? Start a new relationship? Move somewhere great? What are you waiting for? Let’s do it together.

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Write your own horoscope

Capricorn (December ish)

You are a mountain climber! No easy way to the top for you. Even if there was an easy way . . .would you take it? No way, of course not. You enjoy the slog!

If things are too easy you will get out the pail and shovel and start building your own mountain. You might make a small project more complex just for the challenge of it. Heard of “making a mountain out of a mole hill”? You sort of invention that shit.

The key challenge for you is always to figure out which is the right mountain. Challenges can be big or small. Take a breath and think about where you need to put your energy.

Taking things apart and putting them back together is one of your specialties. Just remember that you can’t always do that will people. People sort of object to being treated as objects. Funny, huh?

Do you remember the plastic model of a frog’s digestive system you had as a kid? The one you would spend hours memorizing. The one you could take apart and put back to together with your eyes closed. Just in case you woke up one day and were blind. Life is not always a simple as plastic model of an amphibian.

Summertime is productive for you. You realize dreams and see seeds grow from plans started earlier in the year.  You need to take advantage of the warm months so you can incubate in the winter on new ideas!

Hard work and your persistent nature will take you far. Strap on your comfortable shoes and get climbing!

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