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HIRES FR NLH MBI-3416Things I have learned thus far:

*Life can feel hard sometimes (chocolate can sometimes help)

*It SUCKS to feel alone, isolated, stuck or confused (that is when I watch videos of baby goats dancing around in sweaters) Baby Goats — SQUEE

*Everyone has fears and reservations. They just don’t always talk about them especially on social media

*Self loathing and beating yourself up is draining and NOT motivating for change

*Asking for help takes courage and is not a sign of weakness

*Fart Jokes are always funny (we can argue the merits of The Stooges another time)

More than ten years ago, I was at my breaking point. Consumed by work, obsessed with food and depressed by my weight, I had an all-or-nothing attitude that kept me locked in a no-win struggle. A highly motivated and intelligent person, I felt like a BIG/FAT/FAILURE. I was plagued by shame. Everything seemed out of my control. I had tried so many times and ways to lose weight and gain control over my life.I understood that changes needed to be made. But how? I didn’t know where to start.

I decided to seek professional help. I was finally able to begin to make significant lifestyle changes and address my troubled relationship with food and my own body. It was a slow process but ultimately a rewarding one. After group and individual counseling to help me start to heal childhood trauma and abuse,  I elected to have gastric bypass surgery in 2007. It was the best tool I chose to help me with my goal of weight loss. While recovering from surgery, I read the “Joy Diet” by Dr. Martha Beck (author, speaker, columnist in O Magazine, and Oprah’s Life coach) – and it changed my life. The world of Life Coaching opened me up in ways that I found more fulfilling than anything else I had ever done. Life Coaching was the intersection of my own personal growth and my mission to be of service to the world.

I have lost half my body weight and one sad replica of me, switched careers, leaving marketing for a career in health & wellness. So many years later, I am still maintaining my weight loss and finally live in a fully connected space in my life. How did I get here?

Every day, I am reminded that my work continues. I try to recognize and address destructive emotional patterns, behaviors, and mental thought processes that could continue my dysfunctional relationship with food and self-care. I have been able to establish healthy routines that support me and ultimately adopted a new active lifestyle. I speak up for myself at work. I don’t hind my opinions or my talents. My strategies are not unique and can be learned and customized for anyone.

In the Fall of 2012, I tackled (with the help of a great Wellness Coach) my smoking. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I miss smoking everyday even more than my unhealthy food. It’s 2017 and I am still smoke free and really proud to add this to my list of accomplishments.

Everyone has the capacity for self-care and fulfillment in their lives. What does living fully mean to you? Do you want a new career? Start a new relationship? Move somewhere great? What are you waiting for? Let’s do it together.

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“Sticks and Stone”

“Sticks” monotype by Maura Koutoujian (credit Marketa Sivek Gallery, Chicago)


Today something broke open

I could feel it bubbling to the surface like a scuba diver’s air bubbles

Buoyant, purposeful, unrelenting, and clear

“You are so strong, silent, and calm on the outside”

“She’s like a rock”

Those have been left behind on a beach for someone else to discover and save in a jar

I always thought change would be a foreign invader conquering the weak

But it’s an old flame

A steady and consistent light that glimmers in the fog

It came from such a simple element many eons ago

Strength and resilience passed down over generations through DNA

Survivors, seekers, entrepreneurs, artists, ship captains, warriors

Once a small voice; it was just a faint whisper in my ear

Sometimes I thought I had only imagined it

The sound became clearer and carried further by wind and time

As it increased in volume I could start to feel it reverberate in my chest

Until it was so loud that now it’s a ROAR

I wore so many hats: 1st mate, passenger, engineer, radio controller, helm, and captain

“All me” says my ego

In truth, lot of hands helped me pass the buckets when bailing out

I finally realized that you can’t stop water but you can float

Allowing isn’t giving up as much as quiet persistence without clenched fists

I allowed nature to transmute the landscape it touched; instead of seeing it as a force to be tamed or managed

It became my creative partner

Something once so heavy is now smooth and light

It’s a sea and I can’t call it back

Nor do I want to

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