welcome-pinkWhy work with me? I love what I do! I have been told I am “wise”. I bring humor and perspective to our coaching conversations.

We might have a vision of what we want our lives to look like but are just not sure how to get there. It can be stressful and impact our health and happiness.

I don’t believe “one size fits all” for anything (including hats, swimsuits and underwear). Everyone moves forward at their own pace. I was successful at making changes because I did it at the right time and in the way that was good for me. As your coach, I don’t tell you what you should do because it’s not effective. However, I will work as hard as you do to listen and help you find the answers that are right for YOU. Together, with some good coaching, everything feels more manageable and ultimately you will achieve your goals at the right time.

I believe in you while you feel unsteady. I share what I have learned so you don’t feel so stuck and alone. Watch a video on Felicia’s philosophy of coaching.

photo credit: foryoureyes by Kelly Eide

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Fall’s Golden Crown

Photo by C Hickey

I began to notice the change in color on my crown

It seems like a new thing, almost appearing overnight

But it’s just a natural progression of time and temperature

Still nostalgic for the vibrancy of my verdant youth

Remembering how full; bursting with blossom or new fruit

Purposefully, I sheltered my friends and provided nooks for their nests

Strong and stoic I gave cool shade in the summer heat

Soft and lazy my limbs swayed in the breezes

No longer hungry I reclaim my energy

Responding to the day’s light and cold I morph from green to gold

I have earned this wealth and golden grandeur

My mantle illuminates the horizon

Soon I lay bare

Storing the courage to weather the change




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